A-Z Staffing Solutions

At RITS, we provide excellent staffing solutions to many popular and leading companies across the globe, including the Fortune 500, we believe in organization values and importance of people in those organizations. We have a varied range of staffing solutions to pick appropriate people for respective job description based on their skills in order to fill in the requirements of various departments, companies, projects as when they need it the most.

Organizational achievements and success depends on how well you get the required productivity from the people you hire or employ to reach the top level, leading towards success. Hence we help you towards your organizational success by providing extremely talented IT resources.
We have many Flexible Staffing solutions for you to choose your right employee

Contract To Hire Staffing: >>

Our contract staffing solution provides you with those resources who produce specialist skills for a particular and definite period of time, who can add additional required capabilities and skills to your products and projects.

Advantages of contract staffing:
Related employee costs will be minimized Fill long-term, short-term needs of the qualified employees Gives support for all of your upcoming projects Decrease & increase in workforce to meet all of your seasonal requirements

Contract To Hite Staffing:
You can first test the people we select before you hire by using the contract to hire staffing solution. By using this service, you can permanently hire a contractual professional after the agreed period of time if the individual meets your requirements.

Direct Hire Staffing:
As we do our work for finding the most talented employees for you, we let our experts focus on your core competencies. We have the best consultants who can hire best individuals for working agreements which are most beneficial for you.
We implement a thorough candidate screening and search process, to deliver most talented professionals for your organization We test the candidates for: Communication Skills, Experience, Aptitude, Technical Abilities, Ability and efficiency to adapt within different work environments
To add substantial value to your service offering and business, we ensure you that our consultants are experienced and well qualified to this level.

We take time to listen to our client needs. Our consultants will pick the talented professionals from a large pool of 6000+ consultant database and also within our company

After the searching phase, starts the screening phase in which our most experienced interviewers allotted to each individual based on their area of expertise will screen the candidates based on their skills.
Screening has 5 phases:
1. Customer Analysis 2. Sourcing 3. Screening 4. Selection Performance Monitoring

Replacement Guarantee:
Due to any reasons like legal issue or some other relevant issue, firing of any of our employees who was hired by us takes place within 60 days of hiring then we will replace that fired individual at free of cost or no additional cost. The policy is same even if employee resigns from your company

Competitive and economical rates: we offer lowest margins to enhance your ROI 100% Replacement Guarantee. Guaranteed Delivery: Full-time employees: for 3 months Temporary contractors: for 80 hours of services Background Check: all of our consultants are screened and passed clean in the criminal and background check Verification: employment and education history are thoroughly verified Our account management programs are customized Honesty: We are transparent and honest in our work Simplicity: we make sure you don’t get strucked up in complexities of staffing